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010 Digital offers IT services focused on web development, visualization technology and data management on the one hand, and sells media system technology, control technology, lighting and home automation products via its online store medientechnik24 on the other hand.
The web development services offered include software consulting and development, web and animation design, eCommerce services and digital marketing. As an official service partner of AR Automation and Matterport, 010 Digital provides customers with data technology and visualization systems.
Under its own brands names preussen automation and mavacon, 010 Digital manufactures and develops complex KNX products as well as could-based solutions for data acquisition and evaluation of complex electrical systems. In addition, the company maintains close sales partnerships to help distribute high quality brands like Traxon, e:cue, Yeelight, Ecler, CabLED (Optiled), ChromaLED, CoCoSo and many more.

010 Digital is a subsidiary of eventa AG and its headquarters are based in Seeshaupt near Munich, Germany.

Services offered by 010 Digital through partnerships


AR-Maintain (AR-M): use digital checklists to store records automatically, track data to prevent downtime, overcome data manipulation and skill shortages
AR Smart Control (ARSC): control all machinery and equipment on-site, access product information and real-time data, integrate an unlimited number of devices of any kind
AR Automation (ARA): make manual adjustments in fully automated systems, set individual limit values to get alerts in case of anomalies, thus preventing production loss


Implementation of paperless data management
✔ AR-M replaces paper questionnaires with digital checklists to automatically generate and save inspection reports, saving time and costs
✔ Authorised personnel can access the statistics at any time to track key KPIs, maintenance times and equipment history to avoid unexpected failures

Overcoming manipulation and skills shortages
✔ For maintenance, personnel number and working time are recorded; technicians only have access to the digital checklist directly on site in order to exclude manipulation of the data and to integrate the upload of photos into the process
✔ AR-M guides inspectors through the entire routine so that even new and less experienced technicians can start immediately without prior expert training

Work optimisation through intuitive control function
✔ In addition to retrieving and recording data, ARSC offers a control function so that technicians can also directly check the correct functioning of all machines and systems during maintenance work
✔ Unlike voice assistants, ARSC works without prior knowledge of the devices or the correct commands: simply aim and control

Management of all units via a single control
✔ Thanks to high-precision indoor tracking, the app can recognise every object in the room and display all product information, real-time data as well as control options
✔ All devices (including those that are not Wifi-capable) can be integrated, as the existing central control is accessed wirelessly when the commands are executed

Manual adjustments in automated systems
✔ In fully automated systems, the app is used to make manual adjustments where necessary; limits can be set individually to receive alerts in case of deviations
✔ As a supplementary tool, the app means a great relief for facility management in large building and office complexes as well as for the maintenance of machinery and equipment in factories

Advantages of ARA using the example of indoor farming
✔ In the event of irregularities, you will receive immediate notification of which racks may require adjustments to lighting, ventilation or irrigation
✔ An integrated navigation system with live tracking guides staff through the spacious farms to the racks where manual adjustments are necessary

As their service partner we offer remote site monitoring & automation
✔ Receive real-time notifications and alerts for all of your locations
✔ Ensure food safety (HACCP-compliant) across all of your locations
✔ Receive performance reports & robust insights on your smart device
✔ Automate your inspection processes to reduce costs and errors

As their service partner we offer 3D scanning & reality capture of spaces
✔ Correct & up-to-date floor plans (including measurements)
✔ 3D point cloud (including height and depth information)
✔ Exact 3D model & interactive AR/VR applications
✔ 360° panoramic images of rooms and project spaces

Brands owned by 010 Digital

Online store for high quality
✔ media technology
✔ control technology
✔ lighting products
✔ home & building automation products

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Manufacturer and developer of building automation products
✔ Actuators
✔ Sensors
✔ Gateways
✔ Ballasts

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Provider of smart monitoring solutions for complex electrical systems
✔ Data acquisition using sensors
✔ Data transfer to the cloud
✔ Data evaluation in real time
✔ Data reports on end-user devices

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mavacon develops and distributes could-based solutions for data acquisition, analysis and evaluation that allow a more efficient management of complex electrical systems – whether in shops, office buildings or industrial facilities. This includes the development and production of high-precision measurement technology as well as the correct installation of the metering sensors and the company-owned software, monitoring equipment performance in real time.

Logo preussen automation

preussen automation develops and manufactures high-quality components and devices for professional use in the field of building automation, building control, Smart Home and IoT. The portfolio includes complex products for the KNX standard as well as easy to use SMART-BUS components for small and medium-sized projects based on RS485 bus technology. Given that 010 Digital is a KNX certified partner, the KNX products by preussen automation fulfil all important quality requirements.

medientechnik24 is an online store for high quality lighting, media system technology, control technology and home automation products that are suitable for private and professional use. The product portfolio ranges from modern LED lighting technology to professional audio, acoustics and sound technology to IoT products and control elements for a comprehensive smart home and building automation system. Distribution of KNX, DALI, DMX, G4-Bus, Traxon, e:cue, preussen automation, Ecler and more.

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You are interested in the work of 010 Digital and looking for a job? Feel free to have a look at the careers section on our parent company’s website eventa or send us your speculative job application – we are always looking forward to new additions to our team. If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in, are determined to make a difference, then you’ve come to the right place.



Being the holding company, eventa AG keeps you informed about the latest activities of its three subsidiaries livebau, 010 Digital and LB One Services as well as the joint venture company AR Automation. Here you will find all news and press releases related to the brands and companies of the eventa Group.

If you are looking for special information not listed in our news and media section, feel free to contact the marketing department any time.

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010 Digital GmbH is a German company offering IT-services, cloud-based solutions for data acquisition and lighting products as well as media & control technology.

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